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Uriage is one of the world's leading brands in the skincare market. Uriage products are developed and manufactured in France.
To test Yandex.Zen channel as a new advertising channel. We have chosen Zen as the most popular platform, with a large number of users including our potential customers. There is a huge audience coverage - about 20 million users a day. The advertising format in Zen allows you to talk in detail about all the benefits of the product.
The client has a built-in marketing funnel, configured analytics, and e-commerce. The brand has already placed search and targeted advertising. The client needed a new ad channel to increase the target audience reach and attract new customers.
The company needed to tell the audience about the new Hyseac product line: skincare products for combination and oily skin.
We have prepared three articles for this campaign
CTR from the feed to the article in Yandex.Zen depends on the titles and covers. We have selected five different titles for each article.
We have selected 5 different covers for each title. Overall, we have placed 75 ad materials.

We tried to choose the most important material for the articles, and provide information while describing the use of the product.
We used an engagement strategy — launched articles with payment for each read, not for a thousand impressions in the feed.
18–45 лет
женщины по всей России
We connected the Scroll2Site setting to all the articles to receive more full reads along with more site visits. That setting directs users who read the article to the advertiser's site.
The Result
Because of high-quality and diverse articles, we managed to create a high reach and engage the audience. On average, 40% of users who clicked on the articles in the feed had read them. It took an average of 1.5 minutes to read an article. CTR was 2.6%. The cost of a full reading is 8.3 ₽, and the site visit cost is 30.93 ₽.
1,5 minutes
average reading time
of users read the whole article
8,3 ₽
the cost of a full reading
30,93 ₽
site visit cost
We had 217 “Add to Cart” events and 18 direct transactions. This means that right after reading the article, a user made a purchase on the website.
We have analyzed the Hyseac line sales numbers before and after the Zen advertising campaign. The Product Performance Report in Google Analytics shows an average of 70-85 unique purchases per week before the Zen campaign. As a result of that advertising campaign, sales increased to 100-130 purchases per week.
The final result of the advertising campaign
3,7 million
full reads
direct traffic to the website
direct transactions
deferred transactions
increase of Hyseac search requests (according to Wordstat)
“Add to Cart”
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